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  • Bleach Urahara Kisuke Men's Cosplay Costume(FK122)

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  • Retail Price: $128.99
  • Wholesale Price: $80.99
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  • Gross Weight: 1.7(kg)
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  • Costume Component: Jacket + Overcoat + Trousers
    Costume Texture: Patent Leather
    Coser Properites: Anime
    Costume Sales Type: Customize
    Net Weight: 1.5KG

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      This will star you the same as Urahara Kisuke in this Bleach cosplay costume for cosplay show. If the standard sizes don't meet your requirement, you could choose custom made and fill in accurate measure of your sizes, and place the order. We will custom make it for you at no extra fee.

      Tailoring Period: 5-7 days. Shipping Time: 3-10 working days. See Details>>

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      Hi there. I have gotten my costumes and they look great! Thanks! Joe
      Dear Joe,

      Thanks for your feedback. We will work hard to improve our service and products, try to get better purchase experience to our dear customers.

      Best Regards,
      Trustedeal.com Support Team

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      great work
      The costumes have arrived and they look great! Thanks!Kathryn
      Dear Kathryn,

      Thanks very much for your comment! We are very happy to hear you say so. It is great encouragement for us. We will try to do better. Hope to work for you again. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to email us at: support@trustedeals.com


      Trustedeal.com Support Team
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