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  • Code Geass Villetta Nu Cosplay Costume

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  • It will make you feel the same as Villetta Nu in this Code Geass Cosplay costume for cosplay show. This outfit comes with one black jumper with red tie inside, darkpurple overcoat with black belt and gloves outside. Uniform cloth and high elastical cotton fabric. Anime coser properites. Costume making service and cheap price offered! Catch the chance!
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      This will star you the same as the Villetta Nu in Code Geass Cosplay for cosplay costume show. If the standard sizes don't meet your requirement, you could choose custom made and fill in accurate measure of your sizes, and place the order. We will custom make it for you at no extra fee.

      Tailoring Period: 5-7 days. Shipping Time: 3-10 working days. See Details>>

      Please choose a standard size or give us your custom measurements. Please click Size Chart>> and How To Measure>>

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