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  • Green Black Lycra Spandex Spiderman Zentai Suit(SZALZ003)

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  • This elegant green and black spiderman zentai suit is tailored by newest lycra spandex cloth material, and available to wear by both male and female. The lycra spandex is a very flexible cloth with great elasticity power. The web color is black, and if you need any special features, we offer custom tailor for you free.
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      You can choose to customize your zentai suit in following ways:

      1. Open eyes
      2. Open mouth
      3. Removable hood
      4. Color selection
      5. Disjoin toes
      6. Open crotch

      Just write your choice(s) at Note field when check out.

      High quality lycra and spandex material adopted, great elasticity, pure and shinny color, comfortable wearing.
      We use packed normal personal priority mail to deliver our product. No product name or description can be seen from outside.
      Wearer's personal character will be completely exhibited when a tight binding feeling is implemented on him or her.
      Do not use washing powder and bleach for washing.
      Wearer's weight should be less than 150kg.

      Detailed accurate size is also required in the order.

      Tailoring Period: 3-5 days. Shipping Time: 3-10 working days. See Details>>

      Please choose a standard size or give us your custom measurements. Please click Size Chart>> and How To Measure>>

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