Love Live Cocos Restaurant Nozomi Umi Nico Eli Maki Kotori Hanayo Maid Cosplay Costumes

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Cosplay Costumes
Cos Property:Anime
Series:Love Live
Composed of:Dress+Apron+Socks+Headdress+Name Tag+Arm Accessory

Love Live Cocos Restaurant Nozomi Umi Nico Eli Maki Kotori Hanayo Maid Cosplay Costumes for your cons^^

Japanese name would replace the Chinese name on the Name Tag^^

Wear a hair net

1 Widen hair net by pulling your hands apart.
2 Wear the hair net from head to neck.
3 Wrap the hair net around the front of your head. Set it down on your forehead enough to cover the hairline in front.
4 Move your hands to pull the outside edges of the hair net. Slide your hands along the inside of the hair net until you get to the edges. Pull the rest of the hair net over the back of your head. You can fit it over your ears or behind them, as long as your hairline if hidden.
5 If necessary, use pins to stabilize hair net.

Wearing a wig

1 Place wig on a flat surface. If necessary, comb it. Grab the wig by its bangs.
2 Put on the wig.
3 Fix the wig, while pulling it back.
4 Comb and polish wig.


1 Comb the wig by its natural style.
2 Put it on a hair stand and let it hang naturally.
3 When you aren't using it, comb by its natural style.
4 Spray care solution then hang it until dry.
5 Put it into a box, avoid heavy compression.



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