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  • 2019-05-02
    I was pleasantly surprised in how soft and beautiful this wig is! It honestly doesn't tangle that easily for a wig that length and the color is just perfect!
    The only con I had was that I had to bring the wig cap almost on top of my head to get the bangs to look okay because if you trim too much of it you loose the color in the bangs.(It somehow had a more natural feel but I tend to put my wigcap a bit on my forehead so I had to adjust to make sure my hairline and cap were concealed)

    I had a bit of a hard time communicating with trustedeal at first so I didn't get my wig in time for the con, but they were very fast to recover and offer me very good service and compensation for the previous mistakes!

    So overall the wig is on top of what I expected except for the wig cap (which runs the usual size as your usual chinese wig)
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