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  • US$ 65.99



    I received the order sooner than expected and i absolutely LOVE it! the quality is amazing and the fit is great. It's my first time ordering from this store and I'm extremely pleased. Plus the customer service was amazing in answering my questions before I placed the order.I Highly recommend it!
  • US$ 79.99



    The outfit is perfect when it comes to accuracy and comfort. The pants are loose enough to feel free but not loose enough to look off, the shirt is comfortable to wear for long periods of time and the jacket isn’t bothersome. The outfit matches up to the proportions shown in game and in the show when worn and the jacket is pretty light allowing it to flow. In summery, the outfit looks great and very pleasing to wear.
  • US$ 6.99



    My bun came in pretty crushed to one side and wouldn’t attach to the wig despite my best efforts. That said, it’s still a lovely wig by itself and the braid’s still intact and such. Nice color and waves, the bangs were a bit long but it wasn’t too bad. Overall, still recognizable and serviceable.
  • US$ 6.99



    It’s a beret! A better hat than the one that came as a part of the actual cosplay. I would say material-wise it’s probably not cosplay accurate as it is fuzzy, but it works and it has the flowers and a ribbon. My ribbon was in the wrong spot as it was on the first flower instead of the second one but I still think it worked out quite nicely!
  • US$ 6.99



    Pretty standard argyle socks. Reasonably stretchy. Might start rolling up after a while, but for the most part stayed in place pretty well.
  • US$ 38.99



    Worked well for what was needed! Overall a good shoe base and they fit well. Will however note that the accessories on the boots are simply red pompoms, not even flowers. If you’re worried about it as the amnesia protagonist does have pink flowers on her boots, you can in fact cut them off and glue or sew on some flowers like I have no problem as well. But if you’re not too bothered especially as a lot of pictures tend to be more waist up than full body, they can work just fine.
  • US$ 59.99



    Honestly, it worked out for what I needed. I did have to do a few small alterations myself though. I would recommend picking up the other hat that’s listed with the wig as the one that comes with the cosplay is notably less serviceable for an amnesia mc cosplay. But the dress color is good, the jacket’s workable, and with some spirit and safety pins you can totally get the velcro ribbon section to hang in the right spot. The flower for the collar I was sent was very much not flower-shaped so I picked up some pink foam flowers to pin on to make it closer to what I wanted and that ended up working out. It’s far from perfect, in fact, it’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but it’s got the spirit, it’s doable! Helpful base especially when it’s a more niche cosplay.
  • US$ 9.99



    The bag was well packaged. And l do love the 2 large pockets on the side of the bag. However, the bag is a little too big compared to the Dawn’s picture.
  • US$ 52.99



    Very beautiful color and fluffy very true to character hair .
  • US$ 169.99



    actually the first costumer of this costume and honestly i give 3-4 stars, how to explain well the costume match exactly like the description i took a XXL size because of my current height 177cm, the only thing that i don't like it's the tiny heart ,quite pity that the tailor hasn't did the heart more bigger otherwise for the rest of the costume the thigh legging are way too small for a leg height over 60cm of course i purchased my own and i highly recommed to get some pair to bypass their for a better a look, about tailoring+ shipment unfortunately i received my costume in late due to a lack of proffessionalism of the tailor to forget to made the head piece and received severals weeks after the Chinese new year done so over 3 month of waiting after the order
  • US$ 38.99



    Delivery took 3 weeks. The costume is good. I like the color of the top, it's a bit dark as in kenshin film. I'm 177cm tall and ordered the size M which fits perfectly well. It could be better if the fabric's area were larger but for this price it's just great.
  • US$ 69.99



    Was initially very skeptical, but was impressed by quality. Costume came a few weeks earlier than expected, and sizing was accurate. Would recommend.
  • US$ 29.99



    Wig looked just like the photos and came in nice!! Ears aren’t amazing but I was really only needing the wig!
  • US$ 129.99



    Das Outfit ist fantastisch! Es ist sehr gut und detailliert verarbeitet. Der Stoff fast sich hochwertig an und passt perfekt. Auch die Schuhe hinterließ ein guten Eindruck und passten. Ich kann es nur weiter empfehlen.
  • US$ 27.99



    It looks great that I can’t wait to wear it for a con
  • US$ 49.99



    Reviewing this right out of the box - the images below are without ironing or modifying the costume in any way. Honestly I'm really impressed with it! The material is predominantly polyester but very good for the price, and fits surprisingly well. I don't even think it will need any adjustment on my end! The support team at Trustedeal was fantastic too - they responded to my emails regarding shipping and sizing promptly and clearly, and they were able to ship this out very quickly. It did take a few weeks to arrive, but that is due to the process of shipping from China to the USA. Very excited to wear this to an upcoming convention. Thanks for the hustle, Trustedeal team :)
  • US$ 42.99



    I really enjoy playing as Lux, so I decided to buy these boots because I want a pair of blue boots. They're super nice and comfortable!
  • US$ 39.99



    Prestige Lux boots. While I'm not biggest fan of the skin line, the boot patterns are really cool that I couldn't pass them up. The boot height is center and curves slightly down if you want an accurate cosplay!
  • US$ 39.99



    I enjoy playing Lightning Lux! LIGHTNINGBOLT! These boots are very unique in their own right, and I wear them time to time. Note: If you want to be accurate as possible, measure your outer thigh for the boot shaft. The maker does the highest height on the outers and the boots will curve down.
  • US$ 37.99



    My casual shoes to wear when I dont want to wear my boots. While I think they're a little to big for my feet, I enjoy wearing them time to time. I might buy another pair and have it a bit smaller so they can fit my feet better.
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