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  • US$ 77.99



    The BEST cosplay I've ever ordered! They really give you everything that is pictured and the measurements are too a T. Will continue ordering <3
  • US$ 69.99



    I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS COSPLAY!! I did make a few adjustments just by moving the buttons on the undershirt but besides that it was perfectly fitted!! wore it out to a convention and got so many compliments and people asking where i brought it! customer service was also amazing as always! 10/10!! Thank you!!!
  • US$ 18.99



    Super cute wig and high quality!! Perfectly fits my Kanao cosplay. Fast shipping too! Thank you <3
  • US$ 139.99



    I was worried at first about how the entire cosplay would fit but doing the custom size option was definitely worth the investment. Everything feels good when worn especially the jacket, shorts and shoes. It DOES feel a little snug in the shirt so in the future i would recommend adding extra length to your measurement if you plan on ordering this. the wig is fine, i have no experience wearing one so it's all new to me. I also love the glove and wristband. Overall its worth it to get custom fitting and DHL for shipping so you get tracking and the costume quicker
  • US$ 49.99



    If you have doubts please take this as a sign to buy it. Just know that it will take a while to arrive. I got a Large even though I am a Medium in US size. I have slightly longer arms than the usual person but the sleeves were perfect for me. Also the skirt was a tiny bit short but I am okay with this. Mine took i think 49 days to arrive at my doorstep.
  • US$ 49.99



    Amazing quality and amazing service!
  • US$ 89.99



    These boots were custom made, and are PERFECT! The fit, the style, and production, are GREAT! I looked everywhere for these, and they start at $300.00 These are a GREAT value, and pretty fast shipping.
  • US$ 63.99



    Apperance can be better. nice product!
  • US$ 79.99



    This fits perfectly, and it looks great! I got the Ink Sans version, and It's pretty much exactly like his outfit. Only thing was the white fabric of the shirt was a little see-through, and the stitching was a little crooked on one side, but other than that I really love it and I use it for cosplay all the time :)
  • US$ 49.99



    Received costume today, it's very soft although no fluffs inside, fits great, just love it!
  • US$ 59.99



    i took a gamble (thought it was a sketcky site)since it was the only one i can order to canada with the accurate style, i came back to write this review to say it's honestly worth it. i ended up paying $140 ($25 is shipping) for just a sweater xD pics are there, very comfy but make sure your size is right. very important.
  • US$ 65.99



    Very nice cosplay !! pretty good quality, i had it in custom size and its perfect !! I received it in a month
  • US$ 189.99



    This was my very first time buying a cosplay. Knowing that it was made to order makes me respect all the love and care that was put into making this uniform. It’s extremely intricate and accurate, especially at the buttons. A month into my order I inquired customer service and a wonderful staff member named Linda continued to update me about the costume every few weeks. They also stated when it was complete, shipped, and even gave me the tracking number. When I received the package, it was double-packed and neatly folded with all the components in plastic. Even when I was confused on how to assemble the belts, they helped out. In the photos I had to substitute a few aspects to portray the character more accurately but the majority is what I received. Thank you so much Linda and the staff who worked on this uniform! I love it so much!!!
  • US$ 49.99



    I ordered this for my 10 yr old niece and she loved it! It was her first cosplay and she looked good in it! The ears were made out of like wire and fabric so you could position them how you want to. Although the ears were hot glued to a headband and later came undone, but I fixed it with gorilla hot glue.
  • US$ 249.99



    I ordered Ereshkigals red dress in custome size and I was very happy with it. The fabric looks high quality and noble, just like shown in the picture with a silky pattern. It's a bit heavy, but I think that's because of all those layers of fabric of the skirt part. Just the zipper in the back seems a little bit to weak for this dress, it's hard to move it. My girlfriend ordered Ishtars dress. It's as velvet as it looks with cute little stars. It's a little bit short but that's how the original artwork is. Everything else was fine.
  • US$ 39.99



    I ordered this dress in xxl. The size chart meets my measurements perfectly. The dress fits fine and looks good. It has a perfect length and the color is also perfect for Sophie.
  • US$ 49.99



    It's for my daughter, she was super happy with it! Thank you very much.
  • US$ 69.99



    I love it!!! It’s definitely what you see in the pictures! I totally recommend it UwU Thank You so much!!! I apologize if the Picture is Blurry or messy
  • US$ 15.99



    Wig is just gorgeous :3 very beautiful colors and ears are fluffy :3
  • US$ 19.99



    The wig is high quality. Easy to style and full ! The colour is perfect, exactly like the character.
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