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  • 2021-08-28
    This was my very first time buying a cosplay. Knowing that it was made to order makes me respect all the love and care that was put into making this uniform. It’s extremely intricate and accurate, especially at the buttons.
    A month into my order I inquired customer service and a wonderful staff member named Linda continued to update me about the costume every few weeks. They also stated when it was complete, shipped, and even gave me the tracking number.
    When I received the package, it was double-packed and neatly folded with all the components in plastic. Even when I was confused on how to assemble the belts, they helped out. In the photos I had to substitute a few aspects to portray the character more accurately but the majority is what I received.
    Thank you so much Linda and the staff who worked on this uniform! I love it so much!!!
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