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  • US$ 24.99



    The Wig looks awesome. I still have to style it. It looses some hair. Might be loose hair from within the package.
  • US$ 99.99



    I would like to start off by thanking this official site for theses amazing selections of cosplay to purchase from. When I have this cosplay arrived to my house I was REALLY surprised how it turned out to be and I was really happy about it! Customer service I talked with was SUPER NICE AND UNDERSTANDING! 10/10 to the customer service! For the shipping wise it was perfect, 4 to 5 business days shipping was perfect enough for me to have it before a upcoming event! But above all I really love how this cosplay of Gakupo Kamui came in, fits perfect! Thank you for giving me the chance to cosplay a character I’ve been wanting to cosplay as!
  • US$ 54.99



    Ordered the coat + wig. Took a bit longer than quoted but support always answered any emails. Nice material, good fit (jumped up a size to be safe). Very happy with purchase.
  • US$ 25.99



    Shorter and a little bit darker (not much really) than shown in the picture. But it's soft and can be styled just like in the photo
  • US$ 39.99



    I got this quite some time ago. It’s very well sewn and is made out of great material, wearing the dress is very comfortable. There’s only two bad parts which is the choker being way to thick and big, both in size and length. The second is that the hood is small. It’s very good expect for those two things.
  • US$ 24.99



    Brought this wig for a con later this year and it was so easy to style and is surprisingly comfortable! Goatee is a little long but after some trimming it was perfect!
  • US$ 15.99



    The Poppy wig is such a good quality. Was definitely worth waiting for. Took 2 months to arrive but I'm really happy with it. It was a really flat wig. But I styled It and now it looks amazing. I had never styled a wig but this one was really easy to style.
  • US$ 59.99



    Great Cosplay! I simply love it! The material is great and high quality. The sewing is great and the sizes of the size chart accurate ♡ I can't wait to order my next Cosplay here ♡
  • US$ 69.99



    I was surprised by the quality of the product! I am very happy with my purchase and can not wait to wear it! When I have done a test I will rest a comment!
  • US$ 38.99



    The shipping took two months but i see why - the sizing is exactly like i asked them, fits amazing, comfortable and beautiful of course! So happy
  • US$ 118.99



    I ordered this costume for halloween last year and I'm just now getting to the review. I have to say it was perfect! I had it custom made and it was so comfortable! The leggings were comfortable and it was well crafted.
  • US$ 59.99



    I liked this cosplay and had fun dressing up in it but I had a few complaints. The shorts came a bit small, but I believe that was my fault I think I messed up my measurements some how. The hat was rather awkward since it was made out of fabric. The bill of the had was huge and didn't stay up like it was suppose to. I did like the bag! It came small but it was functional! You could open it up and put stuff inside it so I thought that was really cool!
  • US$ 18.99



    This wig came just as pictured. the color is absolutelovely and i was pleasantly surprised by how thick it actually is. Mine needed a little restyling but it came in great condition considering it was in a box so long. the only bad thing was shipping time but I don’t fault the company. all in all a great wig!
  • US$ 19.99



    really nice wig and easy to style ❤️
  • US$ 64.99



    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY COSTUME! The shirt is a big big on my shoulders but otherwise this is a great costume 1000% recommend
  • US$ 19.99



    Really nice wig as always! A little on the short side but still accurate for mahiru :D
  • US$ 59.99



    This cosplay is amazing. The quality is great and I love how it look on me
  • US$ 59.99



    Delivery was great. Cosplay is great. I love how it looks on me.
  • US$ 49.99



    I ordered this dress in size xxl. It was way too long, but it was easy to shorten the skirt-part. The rest was made very well fitting, the color is right as shown in the picture. The fabric feels nice and falls smoothly.
  • US$ 22.99



    The wig is really beautiful
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