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    Cosplayer (Buyer): Jordan Tam (Facebook) Character: Rimiru Tempest Series: Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken / That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime The quality of the overall cosplay is very good and the customer service support was very helpful and friendly as well. Great detail, will definitely order again.
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    Costume it amazing! It shipped incredibly fast and I was impressed. The custom sizing ended up being a little big regarding the corset and waist, but it can be easily resewn. The quality is amazing and comes with the dress, cape, belt with pocket and rose and corset. I will definitely be buying more cosplays from here in the future
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    This wig is the perfect wig for Izumo Kamiki! The colors are absolutely gorgeous and the fibers work very well when it comes to cutting it to fit the face ! It's a nice and long wig and doesn't tangle too bad and the length is perfect! If I had any criticism, I'd only say that I wished the wig came with the red hair pieces! Other than that, this wig is absolutely stunning and is perfect, and I would highly recommend this wig to anyone who wishes to cosplay her!
  • US$ 59.99



    This was so cute! I ordered it for my mom to wear in July for a convention and she loved it! It came just like the photos. I just wished it had the little things that were on the end of Skitty's tail but I easily fixed it.
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    I got this plushie for my Shiemi cosplay and it turned out perfect! The only thing was it took a little while to receive it.
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    I usually make all of my cosplays because shopping online can be hit or miss. To my surprise, this was one of the most satisfying purchases, everything came in accurate to the photos on the site, and working with the artist who was making it couldn't have been easier. Their customer service is definitely 10/10, they emailed me photos and measurements the entire way to ensure that the costume was to my liking before they shipped it out. I would definitely recommend this to other cosplayers.
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    The wig looks exactly like on the photos of the seller. Love it! 10/10
  • US$ 109.99



    this turned out fantastic! really good quality dress, they gave me a petticoat and a tutu for flare. the fit was great. lace gloves fit like a dime, choker has a snap button but its sturdy and it comes with clear straps if you would like to keep the dress up! the only thing is my bust was a tiny bit too big but that was probably my measurements
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    I was pleasantly surprised in how soft and beautiful this wig is! It honestly doesn't tangle that easily for a wig that length and the color is just perfect! The only con I had was that I had to bring the wig cap almost on top of my head to get the bangs to look okay because if you trim too much of it you loose the color in the bangs.(It somehow had a more natural feel but I tend to put my wigcap a bit on my forehead so I had to adjust to make sure my hairline and cap were concealed) I had a bit of a hard time communicating with trustedeal at first so I didn't get my wig in time for the con, but they were very fast to recover and offer me very good service and compensation for the previous mistakes! So overall the wig is on top of what I expected except for the wig cap (which runs the usual size as your usual chinese wig)
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    Very happy with this outfit; the clothes are well-made, comfortable, and fit perfectly according to the dimensions I gave them. Unfortunately the shorts don't have pockets, but the shirt's pouch is fully-functional which worked as a substitute to store some things when I was wearing this at an anime convention. My only suggestion would be to add pockets to the shorts, or have it be an option if a few extra bucks are needed for additional materials/labor.
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    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this cosplay when I received it! I went with the uniform cloth material which seems similar to the fabric used on suits. It was very comfortable, and this was the most accurate coat I could find online for Dabi's updated outfit. If you do end up buying this, I would recommend using double sided tape or something similar to keep the white parts attached to the sleeves. Overall I was very satisfied with this cosplay!
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    Shipping was super fast. Quality is average cosplay quality made in Hong Kong. Wish the skirt was a little shorter to be show accurate; fixable by pulling skirt up to chest and using a pin to tighten the skirt waistband (you can see the results in my uploaded image). The colors on the side of the top looks fine in pictures but looking at it in person, it's like a bright greenish blue. The fit was perfect. Not too tight or too loose. I plan to use this outfit to cosplay as Anna from Zexal so overall I'd say I am satisfied.
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    The wig is great ! The quality is good, the colour is nice, it's very long. Ears needs to be rework but are great too ! I would recommand this wig ^^
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